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College Safeguard Plan

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What many parents/legal guardians do not realize is that once they have a child who is 18 years old, their child is no longer a minor. What this means for parents is that once your child turns 18 (in most states this is the legal adult age) you, the parent, can no longer obtain or make medical decisions on behalf of your child without his or her written consent. Our College Safeguard Plan puts a plan in place for you and your child so you can have some peace of mind as you send them off to the next chapter of their life and takes less than 15 minutes to answer the questions. 
  • Why do we need a HIPAA Authorization for our child?
    If you're on this screen, it's most likely becuase you have a child that is in college who is 18 years or older. What many parents/legal guardians fail to realize is once their minor child turns 18, they're unable to obtain medical decisions/information without written consent from their child. The Helath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was specifically created to protect a patient's privacy. As a parent, you should consider having your child sign an authorization so that--just in case--if it is necessary for a doctor/s to talk to you about your child's condition, care or treatement, they legally can.
  • Why does my child need an Advanced Health Care Directive?
    If your child is 18 years or older, you no longer obtain to the right to make decisions on behalf of your child. This particular doucment is a legal document that allows you, the parent/legal guardian, to handle medical decisions for your child if your child is unable to do so.
  • Why does my child need a Durable Power of Attorney?
    This particulare legal document allows you to take care of your child's savings and checking accounts, pay bills, etc. If for some reason your child is unable to do so, whether due to illness or just their location, this is a beneficial tool to allow parent/legal guardians to have access to finances on behalf of their child.
  • What is a FERPA Release?
    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is designed to protect a college students' privacy, but in the event of an emergency it can leave a parent locked out. A properly worded release would allow school officials to talk with you and release your child's records to you.
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