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Estate Planning and Life Insurance

The global health-care crisis has made death a more tangible reality for may people, and people of all income levels are questioning if they have enough coverage, or better yet, the right coverage to protect their families for the “worse case scenario.” Life insurance coverage is a very important piece of every single persons financial planning puzzle. It is a widely used component when it comes to structuring estate plans, as the proceeds from the death benefits can be used in various ways to provide liquidity after the death of the named insured. Life insurance is not a one-size-fits all formula. If you are the trustee of a life insurance trust, Gill Estate law can help you review the trust agreement to see what obligations you may have or be relieved of concerning premium payments during this pandemic. Being proactive may help to keep carefully structured estate plans in place.

Gill Estate Law understands that for many this is already a difficult time. We are here to make every step of estate planning as simple, comprehensive and safe as possible. We offer services in English, Punjabi and Spanish. During these unprecedented times, we are offering safe in-person visits at our office following all CDC recommendations or virtual estate planning conducted via video and telephone conferencing.

For more questions, please contact our office via email at or call our office at (559) 389-5070.


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